We want you to change the world with creativity

No pressure. We also want you to be happy while doing so.

That’s why we focus so much on our people. We want you to grow with us, personally and professionally, while putting your talent to work on relevant, visible and innovative products.

Our values
Open and sharing Continuous learning Try & fail forward People empowerment Diversity Sustainability Community spirit

If you can relate to at least seven of them, we really want to meet you.

At JAy, we’re into digital transformation. If that doesn’t surprise you, maybe this will: we’re into doing it for real. Not theorizing about it, not writing LinkedIn essays on the subject, not dropping buzzwords on conversations that get you nowhere fast. We-make-digital-transformation-happen. Helping some of the most interesting companies in the world.

For digital transformation to happen, we recruit the right people. People with the right mindset, willing to work and grow in an open and collaborative environment, throwing their best skills into creating challenging and impactful products.

Recruiting is a very serious business at JAy. Fortunately, our interviews, though demanding, always welcome a good laugh.

Now let’s hear from you.

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