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Who's JAy

We build and accelerate Digital hubs

JAy is a group of experienced and imaginative people, making digital transformation happen. Not just preaching about it.

JAy is where tech meets soul

The where

Where do I find Jay?

We are in Lisbon, Portugal, the go-to capital for everything digital, innovative and sun-seeking. But, above all, JAy comes from a digital world beyond theory.

The what

What does JAy do?

We build and accelerate digital hubs for companies willing to embrace true digital transformation.

Each hub is a bespoke digital unit, fully dedicated to each client. JAy is a fast and risk-free approach in the creation and development of autonomous digital units for your company.

When units mature and are skilled enough to leave JAy’s nest, you can swiftly and smoothly incorporate them in your business.

The how

How does JAy do it?

Each hub is an autonomous company with its own vision, mission, purpose, culture, skills, recruiting standards, team size, organization, agility, working methods and decision-making processes. Each hub solely responds to your company’s needs and ambitions.

By partnering with JAy, ensure your digital hub is fully defined and dedicated to deliver concepts, ideas, products and services that meet and exceed your expectations.

First year Recruit

In the first year, the hub will focus on hiring talent and helping them become productive quickly with the support of JAy’s shared services areas.

Second year Autonomize

Business operations start to move to the hubs, so they can become fully autonomous, then moving under the main company after the end of the second year.

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The why

What should you expect from JAy?

A fast ramp-up of a digital hub with highly selected talent.

  • Access to the best talent in the market, the ones who know, who can grow and who have the right fit.
  • Culture of results, growth, agility, innovation and creativity.
  • Focus on Product excellence, that delivers real value and provides a great experience
  • Experienced and proven team, with a successful track record in creating companies.
  • Low risk, no commitment to continue after a minimal period.
  • Internalize the hub at a very competitive price with the people you already know.
Front-end developers Back-end developers Software architects Mobile developers Data engineers Data scientists Quality Assurance Cloud Ops SRE UX Designers AI specialists IT Architecture Product Owners Scrum Masters And many more...

Let’s drop the digital transformation buzzword bingo and get things happening. Together.

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