About us

We chase creativity by bringing the right people together

As with everything, JAy! started with an idea. The idea wasn’t to build a company that just builds other digital hubs for other companies. The idea was to build a company that builds impactful digital hubs for other companies by focusing on three key areas: people, culture and product excellence.

That said, this is not just something we say or preach about. It’s what we do. We aim for product excellence in a healthy environment, where politics are not welcome, unlike dialogue, feedback and personal development. Learning from mistakes. Celebrating success together. That’s JAy.

It’s the people, stupid!

You know how this goes: if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. At JAy, we work to go far as fast as possible. That’s why we gather the best people.

And who are they? They’re the ones willing to share their knowledge and open to learning from others. They’re the ones who proudly commit to build outstanding digital products. They’re the ones who can make everything.

Culture is strategy

We've all seen it: companies without a strong and healthy culture kill talent and excitement for breakfast. That's why we, at JAy, are restless in providing people with the best working conditions.

No politics, no useless bureaucracy, no pointless obstacles, no toxic processes. Energy is a precisous resource. Killing it prevents you from delivering your best work. And having fun while at it.

Product excellence is core

A free tip from JAy: the right people working amidst the right culture lead inevitably to the right solutions.

By that we mean ideas and products that generate real value for users, partners and companies; that provide an outstanding experience; that bear in mind the future ahead; and that are connected and integrated within their environment.

That’s what we deliver.

Let’s drop the digital transformation buzzword bingo and get things happening. Together.

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